dinsdag, februari 15, 2005

RSS Feeds in Mozilla Firefox.

As I wrote earlier, in one of the articles on this blog, it is possible to put Live bookmarks on your buttonbar at the top of Firefox. But, this works easiest if you have the icon in the bottom right corner (see previous article). What to do however when you want to bookmark a site where you don’t have that icon, but only a hyperlink with an xml file at the end.

The solution is easy. Create a bookmark on a site where you do have an icon in the bottom right corner, then, in bookmark manager, change it’s properties to match the XML file on the site with interesting articles. Set a different title, and disco, you are done.

Example : ZDNET does not offer that icon; but when you first surf to theregister.co.uk, create a bookmark, change the properties of that bookmark to the url of ZDNET, then it works nice and dandy ;-)

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