dinsdag, februari 15, 2005

Main differences between BO 5 and version 6.5 (client)

From the client’s point of view, the amount of differences available in BO 6 are not that big. That is, if we are talking about a basic user. Of course, a great addition, is the fact that you can now save your document to Excel. This includes Charts and tables on different reports. Existing reports are saved as Worksheets in your workbook.

A second addition, worth mentioning is the fact that you now have a search window in the Query Panel. When you work with big universes, this is no luxery. The same addition was introduced in the designer module.

So far for the basic stuff.

A cool new addition is the fact that you can now query webpages as well. This means, that you can select  a table on a webpage (e.g.:stock info on yahoo) and configure BO to query that page automatically. BO can then change the query automatically, based on the info required.

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