woensdag, februari 09, 2005

Firefox Live bookmarks

You probably already know Firefox … if not (get it here); I’m a great fan of that thing. Especially the live bookmarks. Here’s what they look like :

Firefox interface



What happens is, that you get a very specific icon in the bottom right corner (RSS Feed)when you surf to a site with live bookmarking (zdnet, theregister, this blog and many more) . When you click this icon, it adds a live bookmark to your list of bookmarks… so far nothing special. But when you open the list of bookmarks (Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks — I think that’s what it’s called.. I use the Dutch version) now scroll down to the location of your new bookmark and drag it to the toolbar at the top (as in the screenshot) The result is very nice… you see the new things on your favorite newssite immediately.

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