dinsdag, april 02, 2013

Publication workaround (Business Objects)

Due to a bug in Business Objects XI R3, you might occasionally get the following error when you try to publish a report:

"Invalid Report, please choose a different report."

Very annoying when that happens, and the only solution that I know of is a restart of the server. But there is a simple and effective workaround:

While building your publication, you have to specify a Webi or DeskI document that will serve as a distribution list for your publication.

On the SAP website, you 'll find that you have to set a restriction on that distribution document. You have to limit the number of rows returned in the query (options).

That didn't work for me, but it might work for you.

My workaround? Use a DESKI report as distribution map. The document you'll be sending around can be a WEBI document of course, but the document you use to split it, can be DeskI and you won't be getting that annoying error.

Good luck folks


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