zondag, maart 10, 2013

The latest version of a Report (Business Objects)

Let's assume, you have this Dashboard. It runs every night and in the morning, when you open your browser, you want to see it pop up on your screen by default.

The issue you might run into, is that the Dashboard you scheduled, if you simply point to the report, you don't get the latest version, you get your original. Here's how you get around that:

First, you build your dashboard of course and you schedule it.
Go to Preferences and choose to view reports in an extra window:

Once the report ran at least once, you click right on the report.

From the menu, you should see

From the menu, pick : View latest instance.

The latest instance of the report should now open in a new window.

When the report is open, press (Function key) F11. This should put the report in Full-screen. Now, when you move the mouse over the top part of the screen, it should be possible to see the URL of the Report. Select that URL and press Ctrl-C (copy).

Next, From the New menu, we create a new InfoView Page Layout.

Click: Define content

The dialog box that now appears has a box that says: Web Address.

Paste the URL in the Web-address box.

The fun part of the trick I showed you (F11) is that that specific URL will ALWAYS give you the most recent version of the report.

Cool huh :)



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