zaterdag, januari 19, 2013

Weighted Harmonic Average in Business Objects

So, here's the second part of the Averages series. And this one might prove to be just a bit more challenging.

This time, we're going to calculate the Weighted Harmonic Average.

The formula I found on Wikipedia looks like this:

The table we're starting with, again, looks like this:

Our Average is 165.8, the median is 165.05 and the Weighted average is 163. Lets see what the Harmonic Weighted average gives us.

Lets add up our Unit Prices.

=sum([Quantity sold])

Now, we divide each quantity sold by the unit price and we add them up. Sounds weird to me, but, why not.

(Sum([Quantity sold]/[Sold at (unit price)])

I think I'm starting to like this particular average :)

Last step, we divide.

=Sum([Quantity sold]) / (Sum([Quantity sold]/[Sold at (unit price)]))

Tada, our Weighted Harmonic Average : 161.52

More averages to come :)


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