woensdag, januari 30, 2013

The Tip Jar

Today, my wife asked me, how my Tip Jar was coming along. (The button you might have seen on the right)

I answered her truthfully:

I love you very much dear.

She said: So, how many people visit your blog these days?

I answered her truthfully:
About 2000 a month.

Wow, she replied, then that tip-jar idea I gave you must have really payed off right?

I answered truthfuly:
Not a penny dear.

Right, she replied, I'll cancel our holiday on the Bahama's then.

I agreed.

Can I write another article? I asked with a small voice.

Sure, she replied, are you going to leave the button on?

You never know, I responded. One day, a tip on this blog will be so helpful, a visitor will make a generous donation and we can have that holiday on the Bahama's.

I suppose one can dream, she replied-- a bit miffed.

I could bundle the blog and turn it into a book -- I suggested hopefully.

How are you going to turn the stuff you write about into an intriguing murder mystery that everyone wants to read? She asked jabbingly.

Hm.. I could change the name of my blog to "The Davinci code" I replied.

It's a start. She said, as she left the room.

Cheers folks,


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