woensdag, april 23, 2008

Installing BOXIR3

The installation of Business Objects XI R3 seems pretty straight forward. Double click the setup file.. next next next.. but.

After the installation, when I tried to surf to any of the pages on my Tomcat server, I got Error 404 application not found.

After a bit of surfing, I found an entry on a forum.

It was a discussion between two people that entirely pictured my problem.. what follows is a howto based on their conversation.

When trying to surf to http://servername:8080/CmcApp, I got an error 404 saying CmcApp not found.

1) go to

C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\java\applications

and check if the WAR files are there -- if not -- reinstall

2) go to C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat55\conf and change the tomcat-users.xml file to contain a user (currently logged user f.i.) with rights

like such :

<user username="username" password="yourpassword" roles="admin,manager"/>

don't forget to restart the tomcat server (service)

3) surf to http://servername:port/manager/html (Tomcat Manager) and login with the username and password you just created

4) add all of the war-file (bottom of the page) from the directory you found in step 1.

5) try starting the CMC again

(this worked for me)

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