vrijdag, januari 11, 2008

Into the blogging thing

I have been blogging a short while now -- just a couple of years. Only now, the whole process seems to be streamlining itself. My first articles, I wrote in the webinterface of the blogging website. harsh -- inspiration does not come at a given time.. so I would gather my stuff before the article and then write it on the site.

Then, I discovered BlogJet -- an easy, straightforward tool to blog. Configure it with login and password.. and go ! A big step forward.

Now, some time later, I'm writing in Live Writer from Microsoft -- and it is a definite step forward. The thing I like most is the fact that you can connect directly to the site -- and it copies the template you are using. this means, that you write the article inside a window -- and it should be what you see is what you get. Furthermore, you can connect to multiple blogs.. just select the right one -- the screen changes to the template of that site -- and go ! the article is published.

I'm a fan of Windows Live Writer.

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