vrijdag, mei 05, 2006

.NET on Linux

At a certain point I was reading an article about .NET – and they stated that .NET was meant to be “cross-platform” and I thought “yeah right”.

Some two weeks ago, I stumbled across the “Mono project”. It is a .NET framework, sponsored by Novell that runs on Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows and Unix. And I thouht “yeah right”. I seem to think that too much.

So I installed it on my Ubuntu machine and stumbled from one amazement to the other. Currently, I’m learning C# on my Ubuntu machine. The book I use is entirely based on Windows, but all the examples seem to work on Mono — all except the ones that address the graphical interface — it should work, but I’m not that far in the book yet.

Anyway. This is something to keep an eye on. Pretty soon the only thing needed to have an app on Windows Mac and Linux is a recompile.


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