vrijdag, april 14, 2006

Ubuntu upgrade to Breezy

Today, I upgraded my Ubuntu system to Breezy -- as I said before, I'm not a Linux knowitall, so I heavily depend on Google and thelike -- again today. I had no clue where to start, to upgrade Hoary to Breezy -- but I really wanted to -- I saw the installation of Breezy in a Virtual Machine, and it looked even more sophisticated and complete than the previous version.
Luckily, I found an easy to follow guide to upgrading my Ubuntu Linux machine :


I must say -- I didn't follow every step in that article -- the fellow who explains it seems rather squeemish (is that how you write it ?) anyway -- I did do the part where he mounts an iso file -- then I used Synaptic Package manager to upgrade my system -- and in fact -- you do have to remove all packages that have to do with Open Office to get the new version to install. After a first install, I switched on the original repositories and performed another upgrade - and the installation of Open Office 2 of course. I must say -- it looks very 'complete' -- all my powerpoints work perfectly in it -- but it does not translate Word documents very well. Anyway -- back to playing with my Linux machine.

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