dinsdag, april 04, 2017

Creating a link to a document

There are several ways to create a link in BO.
  1. A link that will open a report
  2. A link in the report that will open a website.
Lets deal with both:
  1. A link that will open a report.

The only way to do this, is to configure your Business Objects, to display in HTML mode (not edit mode, but view mode)

So, in settings, choose Weh Intelligence and configure "View" to be HTML.

Next, Double click on the report you wish to link to and insert a new tab (temporary, to construct the URL) and click "Design" (top right corner)

Insert a new blank cell and click right on it. Choose Linking, Add Document Link.

Browse to the report you wish to link to:

You could use this particular window to configure the paramters from the data in the report, but if not, click cancel.

On this particular window, configure the parameters of your document and click OK.

The code looks something like :


if you remove the HTML code, you can use this to link directly to this report from any other application:


2) A link to a document that will open a different website:

I'll demonstrate this with Google.

In the Java editor panel, click right on a cell and choose Linking > Add Hyperlink

Paste your URL in the box and hit "Parse"

Look at the code BI4 inserts. it puts the parameter between quotes.

If this happens, remove the quotes.

Some applications however, work somewhat differently:

lets take an application like this one :

The link won't work for you. But you will notice that one parameter is separated by a :

BO will have trouble here.

When he parses this, the result looks like this :

The parameter won't insert correctly if you let BO handle the job :

This is what it should be:



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