donderdag, maart 24, 2016

BO XI R3 Error 404 when viewing History of schedules

This is an error we ran into as we were migrating to version 4 of Business Objects.

Our old server runs BO XI 3, and our new laptops have Internet Explorer 11. Obviously, IT was not going to patch the old BO server -- but when we wanted to consult the history of schedules, we got Error 404.

Here's the workaround :

Step 1: Click right on a report and select “History”

This will give an error 404

Step 2: Click the back button of the browser

Step 3: Double click the report

Step 4: Close the report with the small x in the top right corner.


This will bring you to the report schedule history.

So proud I found that out myself :) Ok ok.. I just got lucky. But happy anyway.

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