woensdag, januari 04, 2012

STRConv function in Reporting Services

You learn something every day. This particular function, I had not heard of before, but then again, I had not needed it before either.


Of course, as a VBScript user, I’m aware of functions like UCase() and LCase, which will turn a text into a uppercase or lowercase text, but for this particular report, I needed the text to be Capitalized.
So, the first letter of each word needed to be in Caps. In my case : Peter De Rop. But one source provides the text in all caps, another in mixed. They have to aggregate at the report-level.

I found the explanation here

StrConv has three functions. Uppercase, Lowercase and Capitalize. It’s that third one we’re after:

StrConv(“AbC dEfG”,1) will show : ABC DEFG
StrConv(“AbC dEfG”,2) will show : abc defg
StrConv([fieldname],3) will show the data Capitalized.(Abc Defg)

Other uses of this function include conversion to Japanese and Chinese charactersets


Peter De Rop

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