vrijdag, november 18, 2011

A Mini Chart in Business Objects WEBI

This is a nifty little trick you can pull with Business Objects WEBI. Yes, only WEBI-users will be able to do this, the new functions were only added in the WEBI version of Business Objects (but that includes Rich Client of course).
This is the end-result. In the column to the right of your numbers, you get some sort of a chart that shows the proportional importance of a number (to get this to work with negative numbers, you’ll have to complicate things somewhat)
In Excel, the function is =rept(“|”, yournumber) – in Business Objects, that function is called : Fill()
In this case, I also divided my numbers by 10000 to keep the charts inside the column.
So: =fill(“|”;[Sales revenue]/10000).
Ah, I set the fontsize to 5, to make it even better.
Short and sweet, don’t you think Glimlach

Peter De Rop

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