dinsdag, augustus 24, 2010

Hide Block feature in Business Objects

A very obscure feature in Business Objects is the "Hide Object" Checkbox. As far as I know, there is no course, where you show that particular feature. Here's how it works.

Or maybe I should start by saying : don't just switch this feature on without filling in the condition window that's right next to it. If you do, the object, on which you check it, will just disappear, which is a bit daft. In case you did that, go to View>Structure, to locate the item, on which you activated it and switch it back off.

This feature only works well, when you also enter a condition. That condition should return a boolean.

Double-click on the block, on which you wish to activate the feature, and go to “Appearance”. Check the checkbox and enter a function, under which condition you wish to hide the block. e.g. : =Sum(<Sales revenue>) < 5000000

Notice, this function will return a true or false. It can be necessary to use contexts to calculate the right number.


The result is that the sections where I wish to see the table, will show the table, the others will show up collapsed, because there’s no content in them. Nice feature – probably underused.



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