woensdag, maart 03, 2010

A Document Map in Reporting Services

This topic deals with Report Builder 2.0 – it’s also possible to do this through Visual Studio, but that will have to wait for later.

Instead of setting all sorts of filters, you can choose to get all the data from the server and make it more accessible by creating a table of contents for it.


So, when you click the table of contents in the left column, you jump to that particular part of the report.

That’s what this particular article is about. How do you create a ‘Document Map’.







First, you need to insert a ‘list’


Next, rightclick the left bar of the list, change the tablix properties to make the list refer to the right dataset.

Subsequently, rightclick the left bar and change the group-properties



In those group properties, on the advanced-tab, choose, which field you would like to have as a document map.



Drag the field in the list and drag any other items inside that list. Tables or Other lists will do fine.

Nested lists can also have nested document maps – works great.





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