dinsdag, februari 16, 2010

three things I would like in RS

1) Sorting Picklists

On RS, when you build a picklist, you select your field and the values don't get sorted, and there is no option to do so. I found a workaround, but it's not very clean.

2) an option to remove the item(Select all) in multivalue parameters

When you set a picklist to multi-value, RS automatically adds the option "Select all"

Since a query is very often limited to 999 inlist values, you run into trouble pretty fast, and it's a big performance issue, if people just select the lot.

Would be nice to have this option.

3) some way to pre-test scripting.. the way it is now, scripting is very under-developped. In fact, it's just a window where you can enter text.. period -- wouldn't mind some intellisense :) .


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