vrijdag, september 19, 2008

Next Month

function GetLastDayNextMonth()
Dim dt
Dim firstDay
Dim lastDayNextM
Dim lastDay
dt = now()
firstDay = DateSerial(Year(dt), Month(dt), 1)
lastdayNextM = DateAdd("m",2,firstDay)
lastday = DateAdd("d",-1,lastdayNextM)
GetLastDayNextMonth= lastDay
end function
function GetFirstDayNextMonth()
dim firstDay
firstDay = DateSerial(year(GetLastDayNextMonth()),month(GetLastDayNextMonth()),1)
GetFirstDayNextMonth= firstDay
end function

Can’t believe I wrote that function.

=dateadd(“d”, –1, dateadd(“m”, +2, cdate(year(today()) & “/” & month(today()) & “/1”)))

that’s the expression that gives you the last day of the next month in Reporting Services

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