maandag, maart 26, 2007

Building reports

Currently, I'm quite busy writing reports for a customer. The tool to use is Business Objects Version 5. The reports are predefined by the user in an excel format, which simplifies things, and an even greater luxury is the fact that he has provided previous reports (in excel), to verify the results. The result is a very stimmulating project.

At this time, I find myself quite stuck at a problem.

The customer has defined groups of data which do not occur in the database. say : groups of products. group 1, group 2 and group 3. Each product has a target to attain, for a given period of the year, say q1, q2,q3 and q4. The total of all groups of products, again has a specific target. Each of those targets has to be formatted according to a set of conditions. a less or equal to t : green a larger than t and a less than t*2 : blue a larger than or equal to t * 2 : red.

The targets do not exist in a database and so I coded them in an excel sheet.

So, the database contains a unique id and name for each product, but not the groups, and the targets are set by group.

Still thinking on it since linking does not seem to work.

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