maandag, juli 18, 2005

The movie copi�r

I buy a lot of movies. For years, I bought tons of VCR cassettes. Being a real collector, I watched them each over a dozen times over. And then disaster struck. My VCR would destroy a video when you watched it and during the time you were watching pressed rewind. I do that all the time — missed something, so a quick rewind to rehear what that person was saying. of course — you don’t know the video was destroyed until you watch it a second time.

I found myself in the DVD Era pretty soon after that hideous mishap.

In the mean time, my DVD collection is growing — I buy a lot of DVD’s. And again, as before, I watch them regularly. I salvaged some of my VCR’s as DIVX some time ago, but I never got round to putting them on a DVD — so I was happy to find that it is quite easy to do. I found the procedure to convert DIVX into DVD on Afterdawn. (You will need a powerful machine — and a lot of time to get the job done though)

After the mishap with my VCR collection, I have grown somewhat paranoid.. So for the moment I’m creating backup DVD’s of some of my most loved DVD’s… I didn’t know copying a DVD was so simple.

For those who want to know :

download two software packages :

DVDdecryptor : which reads and writes DVD’s (free)
DVDShrink : which allows you to throw away the things you don’t need (subtitles and audio in albanian or Arabic or any other language you don’t understand) (free)

First use DVD decryptor in “File” Mode to get all of the files from the DVD decrypted and zone removed onto the HD. Next use DVD Shrink to backup or reauthor the files on your disk … last, write the ISO file which is the result of DVD Shrink back to a DVD… using DVD decryptor in Write ISO mode…

easy as 123 


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