maandag, maart 14, 2005

Context operators in Business Objects (part 3)

In Body and In Report.

A nice quirk in Business Objects, is the calculation in %. It adds an extra column to your table, which contains a formula :

=<Sales revenue>/Sum(<Sales revenue>) ForAll <Year>

which is based on the ForAll operator. The result is the following table :Sales revenue per Year

When you add a dimension to this table (let’s say the Quarter)

Sales Revenue per Year and Quarter

I don’t know, but I think my counting still works.. it now says 100 % where it should be closer to 450 %. This is due to the fact that the context operator is still the same. It should now be
=<Sales revenue>/Sum(<Sales revenue>) ForAll (<Year> , <Quarter>). But Business Objects does not update the formula. What you can do now is remove the column with the calculation and reinsert it. But hey, there is a better way :

Insert the following formula :
=<Sales revenue> In Body /Sum(<Sales revenue>) In Report

This means that BO will now take the sales revenue in the Body of the table which is 2.6 million for the first, 2,27 million for the second item etc. and divides that number by the total Sales Revenue. I wonder why the people who built this program did not use this particular formula. I found it in their own documentation.  Oh.. before I is the result.



More on a next item !

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